On the ground floor there is one lounge and one lounge/dining room in which residents can relax; there is also a separate dining room. All rooms are centrally heated and the main lounge/dining room has a fireplace. A five-person passenger  lift is in situ.

Bedroom accommodation is offered in twenty-two single rooms with the option for one room to be used as double room for a related couple. All bedrooms are en-suite with the exception of one which has a washbasin. Eight of the bedrooms are located on the ground floor. All rooms are decorated to a high standard and personalised to each individual 

All meals are nutritionally balanced and home cooked using fresh produce as available. A varied daily menu is offered and a choice of meals given. All special dietary needs are catered for. All staff involved in food preparation are appropriately trained and hold a current Food Hygiene Certificate, ensuring that the highest possible standards are maintained

Phoenix House provides some alcoholic beverages and family are welcome to bring in a bottle of their relative’s favourite ‘tipple’. Alcohol must always be handed into the Office to be stored in a safe place. Please ensure the bottle is labelled with the resident’s name. Should a resident wish to keep alcohol in their bedroom for any reason, a full risk assessment will be carried out by management.


The staffing is organised to give each individual resident ‘one-to-one’ quality time, thus ensuring that in addition to organised activities, the everyday ‘simple things’ are not overlooked, i.e., reminiscing, looking at photographs, discussing daily topics, reading newspapers together, TV  news etc. Ad-hoc and impromptu activities, i.e. going out for a walk or to the local shop or just to sit in the garden.

To ensure continuity of care, at each shift changeover, comprehensive information is passed to the next shift and Daily Reports are readily available for reference.

Nominated key-workers are responsible for ensuring that ‘their’ residents clothes are kept in tidy order, any repairs are attended to, and if the resident’s clothes need replacing to inform management, or if appropriate the resident’s family/representative. They also ensure that ‘their’ resident has adequate supplies of personal toiletries which will be charged to the resident’s extras account. Alternatively, families are welcome to replenish toiletries themselves.

Quality Care

Our primary objective is to provide quality care to each individual resident and to preserve the right to independence and choice.

Management and staff work together and are committed to residents’ well-being. This is achieved by working as a multi-disciplinary team, making sure that staff have a clear understanding of residents’ problems and a background knowledge of residents’ previous lifestyle.

The maximum emphasis is on encouraging residents to manage their own lives to the greatest attainable extent and so make it possible for them to maintain their dignity and independence. Staff are given on-going support and training to develop skills to cater for residents’ special needs.Staff acknowledge and respect that privacy of space is important, as is the right to hold and freely express opinions.

We maintain open lines of communication, so there is always opportunity for residents or staff to have access and discussion with management or outside support agencies, for instance: GP, District Nurses, Community Psychiatric Nurses, Social Workers and the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales. Residents’ families are welcome if they wish to be involved in the active care or any decision making regarding their relative in our care, and meetings can be arranged with any relevant bodies including the resident.

Opinion and Feedback

Residents and their relatives/representatives are encouraged to discuss and give opinions regarding the care provided. Should residents, relative/representatives wish to discuss any aspects of the operation of Phoenix House they may make an appointment with the Home Manager who would be happy to discuss this.

To ensure we continue to provide the optimum quality of care, procedures are reviewed and improved on an ongoing basis. We hold regular staff meetings in which we discuss all areas of care. In addition, staff are requested to complete Questionnaires relating to their role as carers. We also request that residents/families complete Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires regarding the standard of care and accommodation offered. A suggestions box is located in the Front Hallway for ‘anyone’ wishing to make comment whilst remaining anonymous.

Admission Procedure 

Prior to admission, a full assessment will be carried out by the Registered Manager, Miss Emma Hill. The assessment is a culmination of information from discussion with any professionals involved, ​family/representative and prospective resident. An assessment form is used for this purpose and is available for inspection.

Should the resident be admitted as an emergency, as much information as possible would be obtained prior to admittance from the person arranging the placement, and where possible additional information would be gathered immediately upon admittance. A formal assessment would be carried out on the next working day with input from all concerned, i.e., family/social worker/community psychiatric nurse.

Phoenix House can facilitate visits during the day for any prospective resident who wishes to come in for a trial.

On arrival at the Home, a detailed list of all clothing and possessions should accompany the resident and must be countersigned - all clothing and belongings must be clearly labelled with the resident’s name.

Residents’ personal possessions, valuables and money are insured by the Home. Residents’ effects are covered on a replacement basis to a limit of £500, whilst the effects are on the premises. In view of the fact that some of our residents have mental health problems, no responsibility whatsoever can be accepted by the Home for effects lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or mislaid.

Residents are welcome to have some of their own furniture, where practical, and after prior arrangement with management (at their own discretion). If the furniture is defective, i.e. woodworm or dangerous, management may request the resident to remove it or have it removed. Any electrical items brought into the home must be PAT tested prior to use – should the item not require PAT testing due to being under 12 months old, a copy of the receipt must be given to the Manager. All personal electrical items will be PAT tested periodically and the cost will be invoiced to the resident. When the resident leaves the Home, all furniture and personal effects must be removed.