Our philosophy of care at Phoenix House is to provide a family orientated home, where residents feel safe and loved in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

Residents are in ‘their’ home

It must be made to feel like ‘home’

• Provide unconditional positive support

• Understand the impact of their losses

• Keep it simple

• Offer stability – provide consistency

• Highlight capabilities – provide opportunities to experience success

• Understand behaviour as communication

• Walk in their shoes – what would ‘I’ want? need? feel?

• Help the person preserve control – offer manageable choices

• Help the person retain or recover confidence in themselves and their ability

• Flexible, creative and compassionate approaches

• Know the person – ‘their’ UNIQUE HISTORY – ‘their’ UNIQUE NEEDS

• Teamwork

Our goals of care-giving are to:

• Give support to enable the person to function maximally, maintain personal identity, experience pleasure and promote sense of dignity.

• To strive to make the care-giving experience meaningful and fulfilling for the care-giver.

Phoenix House has developed a set of clear working policies, which have been implemented to ensure that residents receive the optimum quality of care and can lead a worry-free life. All policies relating to the operation of Phoenix House are readily available for inspection.